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Remorse, emotion, life, love, death...

all lie buried, frozen in this endless winter.

Eiri Yuki
23 February
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Eiri Uesugi. That's my real name. What else do you want to know? About my life? I thought so. Just read my books. They'll tell you everything.

remorse love hate happiness all lie buried in this endless winter frozen carefully into these sparkling particles of snow which refuse to melt like a mountain of ice that stands before me holding everything in it's cold depths keeping everything from me fighting an undefeatable force is useless in every way but i still see you like the sun shining trying to find a way to free my hopeless past the fragile time huddled together like a paragraph without punctuation as if it lacks the strength to stand apart and it makes these dreams fall like rain and slip through my hands when I wake up standing far from countless wishes you are reflected in a shimmering illusion the silhouette whose's faint smile leads me our misunderstandings the only thing that keeps us safe