Eiri Yuki (a_broken_winter) wrote,
Eiri Yuki

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Emptiness tells secrets.

Crawling little by little
Remains lay smoking
Exposed to the numbing conditons
Falling as they grow cold
I feel no pain
As my life burns quietly away
Like this last drag of cigarette.

I listen to you without my ears,
communicate through a silence.
All I can hear,
is a constant ringing sound.
I learn to feel you without my hands.
Look into my eyes,
Let them show me your lies.
So I can understand.
I've come to know you without my mind.
To speak the language of being
with nothing I can define,
Intruding these thoughts,
that aren't only mine.

These shadows will always remain
Nothing left to say,
Because there's nothing left.
Nothing can hide the truth.
Emptiness tell secrets.
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